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Who We are

Protect What’s Most Important & Plan For Your Future

Cornerstone's Team

Patrick Geary and Kelly Gibson along with, Alivia, Aaron, Jenn and Liz, at Cornerstone Wealth Advisory & Insurance Services, LLC. have collectively been working with institutional clients and individuals for over 50 years. Our professional staff uses their extensive personal and professional experience in financial services to help you pursue your goals. For more information on our valued team members, click here.

We're registered and licensed to sell a variety of financial and insurance products.

At Cornerstone Wealth Advisory and Insurance Services LLC we believe that when we end our workday we have helped our clients get closer to achieving their financial goals.  We know we accomplish this by committing to know our clients current situation in life; knowing their goals and feelings and how that relates to their future as well as their family dynamics well enough to bring them ideas, suggestions and alternatives to their current situation when appropriate.

Call today to find out more.  (814) 315-2000.

Are you ready for today?


When thinking about planning for the future, many people and organizations neglect the importance of protecting their current assets. Proper insurance provides a means for taking care of what you already have. Whether protecting your home, your vehicles or your family through life insurance, let us help you figure out what insurance types and coverage amounts you need to protect and take care of what’s most important to you.

For many business owners, their business is their biggest asset; and in some cases, the only source of ongoing family income. Their business is their source of financial stability for everything else that matters. In today’s world, it’s important to make sure that your business has all of its assets properly protected.

Since each business has unique insurance needs, detailed attention is required to ensure you have the best comprehensive coverage for your individual situation. The professionals at Cornerstone Wealth Advisory and Insurances, LLC understand how important it is to take the time to help you make sure that your business is properly protected.

The planner is just as important as the plan.


At Cornerstone Wealth Advisory and Insurance Services, LLC, we want to be your financial and insurance advisor today, tomorrow and years to come. Our existing clients know we can be counted on to be a valuable resource throughout life’s changes. Our planning approach is relationship-based, and even though many clients count on us, we still have time for each individual client. We don’t just view you as a number. We see you as an individual and take personal interest in providing the best service and product options to create a complete financial picture for your specific needs and goals.  We’re known for excellence in service as well as our wealth of asset protection knowledge.

Planning for the future requires a BIG PICTURE approach.

Let us show you how insurance and investments can work together to help you plan your future with confidence.

Call today to find out more about how we can help you.

(814) 315-2000

We look forward to speaking with you to find out how we can help you “Protect What’s MostImportant & Plan For Your Future”.

Thanks for considering Cornerstone Wealth Advisory & Insurance Services, LLC.