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Cornerstone Individual Investment Services

Individualized Investments

At Cornerstone Wealth Advisory and Insurances, LLC. we recognize that each client has unique ideas about what they would like their financial future to look like.  That’s why our individualized approach has helped hundreds of clients make educated decisions about how to best plan for their future financial needs.

Through our personal service and a careful needs and goals assessment, we put together a holistic step by step plan to help you get there.

Benefits of a Cornerstone Individual Investment Plan can include:

  • Income stream to ensure money lasts through end of life
  • Nest egg to allow for general living expenses and life experiences
  • Inheritance for children/family
  • Organize and simplify your various plans, accounts, policies
  • Fund education for kids, grandkids
  • Charitable donations
  • Prevent mistakes in investment strategies and actions

Couple enjoying retirement on vacation shown.

Cornerstone Wealth Advisory in Erie, PA will help set up investment plan to provide income for your family (as shown) and retirement.