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Life Insurance

Why Should I Have Life Insurance?


But you can plan for the future and protect what’s important to you.  Many people put off getting life insurance.  After all, nobody wants to think about dying.

When trying to decide if you need life insurance, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is whether your unexpected death would cause someone you care about to be adversely affected financially.  Burial expenses, debt and/or family who depend on you are just a couple of reasons to have life insurance.

At Cornerstone Wealth Advisory and Insurance Services, LLC., we’re in the business of helping you plan to reach your life insurance goals.

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  • Income Replacement to ensure spouse can take care of your children without having to get a job or another spouse
  • Pay Final Costs (Medical/Funeral Expenses)
  • Inheritance to Children/Family
  • Pay Off Debt
  • Payment for Federal/State Income Taxes
  • Charitable Contributions

Cornerstone Insurance Services in Erie, PA advertising life insurance.

Having the correct amount of life insurance will help your family (shown together here) in the event of unexpected death.